Lottery to-do list #22: Buy bubble hockey

We’ll get USA vs. Canada, just like the one at Jilly’s Arcade in Ocean City, NJ. Someone has to sacrifice and be USA each time, though.

Someday, these prices will be pocket change!


Lottery to-do list #20

Buy the sweetest MacBook Pro available—with the most memory possible—and replace it often. Here’s the first month’s model (with all offered-at-checkout accessories):

The next month I might try a smaller model. . .

No real need for the protection plan if I’m only going to have it for a month, but what the heck! And I’ll want anything “Super” or “Thunderbolt”!


Probably wouldnt use, but why not just order them? My tech staff could sort it all out. . .

More stuff I could afford to order and not use!


Need more “Thunderbolt”!

More “Thunderbolt” and some major TB!


An unnecessary case and four extra Office licenses. Perfect!

And that’s why I dream of winning the lottery!


Lottery to-do list #18

18. Buy really expensive cereal (We’re talking $4/box!) such as Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Raisin Nut Bran. Don’t even use a coupon.


Like I would even shop at Walmart!


I would have my kitchen staff make me bowls of “delicious covered raisins and slivered almonds.” Then I would generously allow them to eat the flakes.