Secret family recipe 19: Kitchen table s’mores party!

Ingredients: marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers

Equipment: skewers, lighter, plates, willing participants

Directions: Patiently brown marshmallows. S’more ’em up!

Tip: Broiling will work but jeopardize the micro-campfire feel.

Wikipedia stock photo. Darn! Why didnt I take pictures?!

Chocolate chip cookie fix: *Not able to be called a secret family recipe due to existence of a sacred secret family ccc recipe*

Wanted cookies. Googled small batch. Found this recipe. Ignored fancy parts of directions (“meld”?). Mixed ingredients and baked them immediately. Done.

I’m obviously not a food blogger.


Definitely not a food blogger.

Looking better…


Voilà! Better than Chewy Chips Ahoy!


My Top Ten Week, Day 6: Worst Halloween candy (in my opinion and, in most cases, personal experience)

10. Apples (Nature’s candy?)

9. Rocks (Poor Charlie)

8. Sixlets

7. Necco Wafers (Sliced sidewalk chalk?)

6. Tootsie Rolls

5. Smarties

4. 10-year-old Snickers (previously frozen)

3. Banana-flavored anything

2. Starlight mints

1. Unwrapped, stale, fruit-flavored marshmallows

My Top Ten Week, Day 3: Best store-bought cookies

10. Nutter Butter


Peanut butter flavor and cream filling. What’s not to like? (Image/


9. Vienna Fingers


For a vanilla sort of day. (Image/


8. Windmill Cookies


Used to buy these in the bulk department at Wegmans. (Image/


7. Girl Scout Thin Mints


So good out of the freezer!


6. Oreo


Iconic. (Image/


5. Stella d’oro Breakfast Treats


One of the things we would buy on shopping sprees with our grandfather. (Image/


4. Lorna Doone


Got hooked on these when they used to give them in exchange for a little blood donation. (Image/


3. Keebler Fudge Sticks


The current “reward” for sparing a pint of blood. My favorite kind of cookie. . . dipped in chocolate! (Image/

2. Any sugar wafer


Vanilla is best, followed by strawberry, with chocolate a distant third. (Image/

1. Sunshine Sugar Wafers



Nothing compares to these, but they don’t even make ’em anymore 😢. (Image/