Don’t you love it when (18). . .

everybody in the car knows, likes, and is willing to sing along to the song playing through the aux cable?

And here’s the song.


Here’s a nice singalong version if you want to practice! 


Mostly forgettable movie quote 13: “Yeah, I got a question. Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?” (The Breakfast Club)

Bender said this to the principal and got the memorable “Don’t mess with the bull. . . you’ll get the horns” response, but this Barry Manilow line is useful.

This is in no way meant to disrespect Barry. Love him! Used to jam to this album in the basement with my sis.

Had this one too. “Copacabana” was on this. Need I say more?

Incredibly significant song lyrics 3: “‘Cause the good ole days weren’t/Always good/And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems” (Billy Joel, “Keeping the Faith”, 1984)

The older I get the more I mention the “good old days,” but I usually follow with these lyrics (even if they are over 30 years old!!!!).

Video brought to you by The Good Old Days—which weren’t always good—so you’re entitled to your opinion on it.

The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 14 (Thoughts on watching the totally 80’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” video in 2015)

1. I miss baggy clothes.

2. How much substance (ab)use was involved? (Did they know it was Christmas?)

3. Oh, the lyrics. So first world.

4. Sting’s hair… I… can’t… even.


This is actually a more flattering shot of Sting’s ‘do.