Don’t you hate it when…, Issue 14 (or is it The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 28?)

it’s noon on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day to some), and the tree is still up? Get going! 



…and after. On the way to the garage…


The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 24 (“White Christmas”)

Shh… I’m not dreaming of a White Christmas and will accept a Muddy, 50° Christmas. Green would be better, but I’ll take what I can get. 

Irving Berlin probably didn’t have to drive anywhere on Christmas.


The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 23 (Like I wasn’t going to mention Christmas cookies!)

Warning: This is what can happen if you buy clearance sprinkles at Aldi and Ollie’s throughout the year. Even red and green frosting couldn’t make these convincing… 

See those yellow and white “pills”? They taste exactly like the stick in Fun Dip. And yes, that is a deliberately headless gingerbread man on the bottom. Oh, and I would make every cookie round if I could. My assistant was more daring.


Who knew? Dinosaurs are surprisingly festive, and little Halloween bats add a nice touch! And I’m not a real food blogger, so i didnt worry about cleaning around the cookies. I was just reusing the cookie sheets to save some dishes!


Not my idea. Remember, I like round cookies. I even looked up a 1960s Better Homes and Gardens sugar cookie recipe that included “orange zest” to replicate what I remember from my childhood. My assistant could have done without the zest, though.


Nope, we didnt make these, but hopefully no one will read this caption!