Time travel to-do list #1: Visit National Bakery in St. Catharines, Ontario (That’s in Canada, folks)

The butter tarts were fine, but I’d go back and load a tractor trailer with those buttery cookies the ladies would give us kids.


Mmm… I suppose I could ask for the recipe if the tractor trailer didn’t fit into my time machine…


Poetry that lives in my head #3: A little free verse called “Absolutes” by Gustave Keyser, found in many high school English textbooks

“black on white
  crow in snow
                wet lump
  on brittle branch
  remembering warmth
  remembering corn
  as life
  black on white”

Back in high school I couldn’t google the parenthetical “(from an ink painting by Seiho)” that followed the poem. Kind of ruins my mental image. Oh well.

Mostly forgettable TV quote (12): “The brown cow has speckled spots.” (Good Times)

When I use this quote, I tentatively explain that Thelma said it while taking acting classes. Google isn’t helping much. I’ll have to rewatch the whole series.


I’m almost afraid I’m making this up.


But I’m really afraid I’m making up the memory of JJ in a crazy plastic jumpsuit. Another reason to watch.


Bookman. Another reason to watch.


Oh, sweet Penny.

Incredibly significant song lyrics 3: “‘Cause the good ole days weren’t/Always good/And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems” (Billy Joel, “Keeping the Faith”, 1984)

The older I get the more I mention the “good old days,” but I usually follow with these lyrics (even if they are over 30 years old!!!!).

Video brought to you by The Good Old Days—which weren’t always good—so you’re entitled to your opinion on it.