Don’t you hate it when…, Issue 22

it’s time to eat your emergency Almond Joy out of the glove compartment, and your copilot informs you that he ate it a couple of weeks ago?

Note to self: Hide it better next time!



Seriously, Dollar General?! (Oh, wait… it’s just a joke.)

I kid you not, dear reader(s). This was in the toy aisle last night. Thank goodness it’s only recommended for children four and older: 

Just take it all in… and only $2!


That face… just mocking the entire under-four crowd.


Choking Hazard Warning: Helps prep the kiddies for the future Surgeon General Warning.


Then again, I enjoyed fake smoking as a kid but have yet to try my first real cigarette.


Uh-oh. This is all giving me a terrible craving for a waxy, delicious chocolate cigarette from 30+-years-ago Niagara Falls, Ontario.


My Top Ten Week, Day 6: Worst Halloween candy (in my opinion and, in most cases, personal experience)

10. Apples (Nature’s candy?)

9. Rocks (Poor Charlie)

8. Sixlets

7. Necco Wafers (Sliced sidewalk chalk?)

6. Tootsie Rolls

5. Smarties

4. 10-year-old Snickers (previously frozen)

3. Banana-flavored anything

2. Starlight mints

1. Unwrapped, stale, fruit-flavored marshmallows

True confession 8: I have gotten through more than one day by eating jelly beans out of my pockets

What? My pockets are clean! Some days are tough, and a pocketful of Jelly Belly® jelly beans provides a needed boost.

No, I am not affiliated with Jelly Belly® jelly beans, but I do love them. Somehow, I don’t think any part of my true confession will become a slogan. . . Tough day? How about a pocketful of Jelly Bellys®?  (Image/