Secret family recipe 19: Kitchen table s’mores party!

Ingredients: marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers

Equipment: skewers, lighter, plates, willing participants

Directions: Patiently brown marshmallows. S’more ’em up!

Tip: Broiling will work but jeopardize the micro-campfire feel.

Wikipedia stock photo. Darn! Why didnt I take pictures?!


Secret family recipe 17: McDonald’s milkshake and fries (another pairing)*


Strawberry** milkshake

French fries

Directions: Dip fries in milkshake or stuff a fry into the straw and try to drink around it.


*recipe not personally tested in 30+ years


**or your choice of flavor (vanilla has also been tested and is acceptable, Shamrock is dubious, and does anyone even like chocolate shakes?)

Chocolate chip cookie fix: *Not able to be called a secret family recipe due to existence of a sacred secret family ccc recipe*

Wanted cookies. Googled small batch. Found this recipe. Ignored fancy parts of directions (“meld”?). Mixed ingredients and baked them immediately. Done.

I’m obviously not a food blogger.


Definitely not a food blogger.

Looking better…


Voilà! Better than Chewy Chips Ahoy!