Grandpa knows best, Lesson #13: Money can’t buy some things.

As Grandpa always says when he sees someone overspending, “More money than brains.”


Household glossary 3: “It’s a thing”

it’s a thing a phrase indicating that something exists or is done (origin: Amish-influenced social studies class)


Example: Powdered peanut butter? It’s a thing.


See? It exists.

Book Wars: Paper vs. Digital, Part Deux (The part where digital obviously wins)

Digital advantages:

1. Know percentage read/pages remaining in chapter.

2. Tap word for definition (try that on paper!).

3. Hundreds fit on one device.

4. Read in the dark.

So much control! (I took a few seconds to grab this classic out of the library’s digital collection as an example, but maybe I need to revisit it?).


A little “define” button popped up to tell me what “before” means, but the camera didn’t capture that . . .

The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 14 (Thoughts on watching the totally 80’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” video in 2015)

1. I miss baggy clothes.

2. How much substance (ab)use was involved? (Did they know it was Christmas?)

3. Oh, the lyrics. So first world.

4. Sting’s hair… I… can’t… even.


This is actually a more flattering shot of Sting’s ‘do.