Lottery to-do list #20

Buy the sweetest MacBook Pro available—with the most memory possible—and replace it often. Here’s the first month’s model (with all offered-at-checkout accessories):

The next month I might try a smaller model. . .

No real need for the protection plan if I’m only going to have it for a month, but what the heck! And I’ll want anything “Super” or “Thunderbolt”!


Probably wouldnt use, but why not just order them? My tech staff could sort it all out. . .

More stuff I could afford to order and not use!


Need more “Thunderbolt”!

More “Thunderbolt” and some major TB!


An unnecessary case and four extra Office licenses. Perfect!

And that’s why I dream of winning the lottery!



One thought on “Lottery to-do list #20

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