Grandpa knows best, Lesson #13: Money can’t buy some things.

As Grandpa always says when he sees someone overspending, “More money than brains.”


Household glossary 3: “It’s a thing”

it’s a thing a phrase indicating that something exists or is done (origin: Amish-influenced social studies class)


Example: Powdered peanut butter? It’s a thing.


See? It exists.

Bye, old buddy! (2)

Only 77,000 miles in 11 years–always losing out to minivans.

Despite your bum driver’s side speaker and door, you were a good, basic model.

I can’t even speak your trade-in value.

Almost as shiny as the day we bought you.

I had this broken fob fixed up real nice with some zip ties.

Mostly forgettable movie quote (15): “But Mommy, I don’t want to go to school today. I want to stay home and bake cookies with you.” (Daffy Duck in Space Jam)

 I’ve heard this from the kids more than once to express their lack of desire to attend school (though they know I won’t be home baking cookies.)

(And I posted to reassure everyone that I’m still in the game, just not every day—well, except today! Old habits…)