Lottery to-do list #4

4. Get laser vision correction and buy cool sunglasses for the first time ever.


My post-lottery shades will be way cooler than this!


True confession 6: Five reasons I don’t have pets

5. Fish tank heater incident of 2007

4. For honest “pet-free home” status on eBay

3. Boardwalk hermit crabs don’t live long

2. Do composting worms count?

1. Two words: wet dog


Secret family recipe 5: Cororange*

Ingredients: Coke, root beer, orange.**

Try any combo and create a new name: Pepspridew, e.g.

*Originally created at Ames (Big N) department store.
**It’s somewhat disgusting. 


So many possibilities… (Image:


It really exists??! This is what happens when you google “cororange”! (Image:


My very second reader question!: You seem like kind of a snobby language person, so why is this blog called “in 27 words or less” and not “in 27 words or fewer”?

A: Thanks? I guess I should be using “fewer” because words are countable, but “less” sounds better to me. Plus I have support (see Alfred the Great info).

OK, but vandalism is never the answer! (Photo:


My first (and last?) sports world quote: “Sometimes people in the family get mad that I can’t come. My response to that is, I’d love to come, but if you want me to come you have to schedule the wedding when I CAN come.” (Nick Saban, Alabama football coach, quoted in Sports Illustrated, 6/15/15)

Saban reminds us to plan events like weddings carefully. Happy anniversary to anyone who got married on this day, possibly because there were no important games scheduled!