My Top Ten Week, Day 3: Best store-bought cookies

10. Nutter Butter


Peanut butter flavor and cream filling. What’s not to like? (Image/


9. Vienna Fingers


For a vanilla sort of day. (Image/


8. Windmill Cookies


Used to buy these in the bulk department at Wegmans. (Image/


7. Girl Scout Thin Mints


So good out of the freezer!


6. Oreo


Iconic. (Image/


5. Stella d’oro Breakfast Treats


One of the things we would buy on shopping sprees with our grandfather. (Image/


4. Lorna Doone


Got hooked on these when they used to give them in exchange for a little blood donation. (Image/


3. Keebler Fudge Sticks


The current “reward” for sparing a pint of blood. My favorite kind of cookie. . . dipped in chocolate! (Image/

2. Any sugar wafer


Vanilla is best, followed by strawberry, with chocolate a distant third. (Image/

1. Sunshine Sugar Wafers



Nothing compares to these, but they don’t even make ’em anymore 😢. (Image/



2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Week, Day 3: Best store-bought cookies

    • True. I should have included a disclaimer that my dad makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever (maybe that recipe needs to make an appearance here?), so I am completely spoiled by them and unable/unwilling to purchase chocolate chip cookies at a store. So that eliminated Chips Ahoy, Chips Deluxe, many Pepperidge Farm varieties, and so on. 🙂


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