Every day I do everyday things

Free English lesson here. In addition to the misspelling of “inconvenience”, this everyday confusion plagues retailers in their signage every day.




Yes! Great job, Walmart!



3 thoughts on “Every day I do everyday things

    • According to grammarist.com:
      Everyday is an adjective used to describe things that (1) occur every day, or (2) are ordinary or commonplace. In the two-word phrase every day, the adjective every modifies the noun day, and the phrase usually functions adverbially. For example, every day you eat breakfast. You brush your teeth every day. Maybe you go for a walk every day. These are everyday activities.


      • A good way to test if it is two words or not is to see if “each day” can replace it. For example, “I go to work each day” makes sense, but “Going to work is an each day experience for me” does not (so that uses the one word “everyday”).
        Unfortunately, I was never taught this in school as far as I remember. I’m not saying we should have studied it every day, but I do seem to use it in my everyday life (unlike all the mathematical equations I once had to solve).


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